5th International Conference of Oriental Studies –

Concepts, Methods, Challenges and Perspectives


17-18 October 2016

Brudziński Hall, University of Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28




5th International Conference of Oriental Studies –
Concepts, Methods, Challenges and Perspectives

organized by Committee of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and

Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw


Brudziński Hall, University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28


17 October 2016


(10.30-11.30 meeting of the Committee of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences)


12.00 Opening: Marek Mejor, Agata Bareja-Starzyńska – Welcome address

Piotr Taracha – Opening speech


Session I

12.20 Marzenna Czerniak-Drożdżowicz (Cracow) Studying Indian Religions – Concepts and


12.40 Monika Nowakowska (Warsaw) Interpretations of a Sūtra – the Thing is What

13.00 Renata Rusek-Kowalska (Cracow) Poetics of Experience on the Example of Persian

Carceral Narratives

13.20 Kyong-geun Oh, Aleksandra Matulewska, Daria Zozula (Poznań) Expressing Obligation,

Prohibition and Permission in Korean, Indonesian, English and Polish Legal Texts:

Comparative Analysis of Selected Aspects of Deontic Modality in Statutory




14.00-15.00 LUNCH BREAK

Session II

15.00 Marcin Michalski (Poznań) Describing Written Moroccan Arabic: Selected Problems

15.20 Jamila Oueslati, Jerzy Bańczerowski (Poznań) Towards a Theory of Tense in Tunisian


15.40 Joanna Grzybek (Cracow) One Language, Two Systems. Comparative Analysis of

Significators Conveying the Deontic Meaning of Permission in Legal Language of

China and Taiwan

16.00 Szymon Grzelak (Poznań) Scalar Structure of Japanese Discourse Markers


16.20-16.40 DISCUSSION

16.40-17.00 COFFEE/TEA BREAK

Session III

17.00 Joanna M. Guzik (Cracow) The New Japanese Civil Society after Fukushima 2011

17.20 Daniel Wolniewicz-Slomka (Warsaw) Research in a “Besieged” Society – Lessons from

Encounters with Security Forces during Research in Israel

17.40 Angelika Adamczyk Marta Dudzik-Rudkowska (Warsaw) Modern Hebrew for Modern

Students. Meeting 21st Century Students’ Expectations in Designing Teaching



18.00-18.20 DISCUSSION


18 October 2016


Session I

9.30 Minutes for the organizers

9.40 Elliot Sperling (Vienna) China’s Relationship with Tibet: The Sea and the Frontier

10.00 Petra Maurer (Munich) How to Draw One’s Destiny. Thangkas on Tibetan-Chinese


10.20 Nathan W. Hill (London) A new look at Bailang, the Second Oldest Sino-Tibetan


10.40 Joanna Białek (Munich) How to read compounds in Tibetan? A few case studies from

Old Tibetan

11.00 Thupten Kunga Chashab (Warsaw) Metrical System of the 16th Century Guide to Shamhala

by Ngag dbang ’jig grags – General Overview


11.20 -11.40 DISCUSSION

11.40-12.00 COFFEE/TEA BREAK

Session II

12.00 Brian Baumann (Berkeley) The Illumination of the Mind: a Sa skya pa Buddhist Treatise

on Salvation in Pre-Classical Mongolian Verse

12.20. Mathew King (Riverside) Rescuing Inner Asian History From the Nation?: Historical

Anthropology, Inner Asian Buddhism, and Qing Legacies After the Qing

12.40 Raya Schifferle (Bern) Mapping Mongolian Buddhist Discourses of Social Mobilities:

Isidanzanvangil, a Mongolian Buddhist Intellectual and His “Golden Teaching” (Altan surγal) on the Eve of the Collapse of the Qing Empire


13.00-13.20 DISCUSSION

14.00-15.00 LUNCH


Session III

15.00 Agata S. Nalborczyk (Warsaw) Methodology and Challenges in the Study of Muslim

Minorities in Europe Europe – from the Perspective of Oriental Studies

15.20 Jekaterina Merkuljeva (Vilnius) About the Muslims of Central Europe

15.40 Viačeslav Černev (Warsaw) Language via the Brain: A Sketch of Language Instruction

and Acquisition Problems with regards to the Turkic Minority Languages

16.00 Bilegsaikhan Tamirjav (Ulan Bator, Warsaw) Some Aspects of ovoo Worship among the

Dariganga Mongols

16.20 Paweł Szczap (Warsaw) Studies on Ulaanbaatar – Problems, Perspectives and Areas of

Scholarly Interest


16.40-17.00 DISCUSSION

17.00-17.20 COFFEE/TEA BREAK

17.30 Closing of the conference