The International Conference of Oriental Studies:
55 years of the Committee of Oriental Studies
of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1952-2007)
Staszic Palace, The Stanisław Staszic Memorial Hall
Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72
Monday, 8 December 2008

10.00 Opening by Marek Mejor and Agata Bareja-Starzyńska
10.10 "55 years of KNO PAN" by Marek Mejor
10.30 Keynote address "Present state and perspectives of Oriental studies at the University of Warsaw" by Jolanta Sierakowska-Dyndo (Warszawa)
 10.50-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.20 Coffee, tea break
11.20 Piotr Chełkowski (New York):
"Fifty years of Oriental (Middle Eastern) studies in the USA"
11.40 Elżbieta Święcicka-Łasoń (Stockholm):
"Tatarica and Turcico-Polonica in Swedish archival resources"
12.00 Mikołaj Melanowicz (Warszawa):
"Visions of history in the Japanese TV drama"
12.20 Piotr Taracha (Warszawa):
"Hittitology in Warsaw: a history and future"
12.40-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.30 LUNCH BREAK
14.30 Tadeusz Skorupski (London):
"The Buddhist approaches to the interpretation of consciousness"
14.50 Per Kvaerne (Oslo):
"Tibetan studies in Norway up to 1970"
15.10 Vladimir Uspensky (St. Petersburg):
"The diaries of Josef Kowalewski relating to his stay in Siberia, Mongolia and China in 1830-31"
15.30 Jacques Legrand (Paris):
"Les etudes mongoles et les traits fondamentaux du pastoralisme nomade" (in English)
15.50 Henryk Jankowski (Poznań):
"Tradition and modernity in the Kazakh nomadism in Mongolia"
16.10-16.30 Discussion (with coffee, tea served)
16.30 Jan Rogala (Warszawa):
"Notes on Western Mongolian (Oirat) language - field research in 2007 in the Republic of Mongolia"
17.10 Andrzej Drozd ( Poznań):
"The decade of exploration of the Polish-Lithuanian Tatars' epigraphy. Results and perspectives"
17.30-17.50 Discussion
Sala Złota (Golden Hall), Pałac Kazimierzowski, University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
 19.30 Concert of Oriental music: Maria Pomianowska, Mohammad Rasouli and Roozbeh AsadianSala Senatu (Hall of Senate), Pałac Kazimierzowski, University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
Tuesday, 9 December 2008
9.15-9.20 Minutes by the conveeners
9.20 Laura Łykowska (Warszawa):
"Social functions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church"
9.40 Witold Witakowski (Uppsala):
"The fall of angels in Ethiopian tradition"
10.00 Selim Chazbijewicz (Olsztyn):
"Islam in Russia. Problems of methodology"
10.40 Krystyna Skarżyńska-Bocheńska (Warszawa):
"Le myth de l'amour platonique (al-hubb al-'uzri) selon les chercheurs arabes et européens - mes découvertes concernant ce sujet dans Le livre des chansons d'Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani (X-me siecle J.C.)"
11.00-11.20 Discussion (with coffee, tea served)
11.20 Józef Pawłowski (Warszawa):
"Main principles of the early Confucian concept of state"
11.40 Marcin Jacoby (Warszawa):
"Painters of the 'untrammelled class' (yipin) in early Chinese theory of art"
12.00 Monika Zin (München):
"Amaravati school of sculpture. Its peculiarities and textual affiliations"
12.20 Valdas Jaskunas (Vilnius):
"Negotiating identity of the traditional South Indian artists"
12.40-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.30 LUNCH BREAK
14.30 Jaroslav Vacek (Prague):
"Dravidian and Altaic - problems and solutions"
14.50 Andrzej Zaborski (Kraków):
"Perspectives on Afroasiatic linguistics"
15.10 Jerzy Bańczerowski (Poznań):
"The quest for panlingually valid minimal syntactic units"
15.30 Marek Piela (Kraków):
"Some pecularities of Modern Hebrew agreement"
15.50 Marcin Michalski (Poznań):
"Qualification (determination) and morphology in hypotactic adjectival syntagms in Modern Written Arabic"
16.10-16.30 Discussion (with coffee, tea served)
16.30 Krzysztof Stroński (Poznań):
"On the origin and function of the ergative postposition in Hindi and its varietes"
16.50 Norbert Kordek (Poznań):
"A Comparative phonetic grammar on the example of Mandarin Chinese and Polish"
17.10 Romuald Huszcza (Warszawa):
"East Asian graphemics - between diachrony and synchrony"
17.30 Edyta Kopp (Warszawa):
"Writing tradition of the 25 dynasty in Ancient Egypt"
17.50-18.10 Discussion and Closing of the conference
Professors' Club of the University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28