Nowa e-seria "Turkic Studies"
Edited by Henryk Jankowski
Department of Turkic, Mongolian and Korean Studies
Adam Mickiewicz University

Vol. 1 (2009), Dorota Smętek: A Bibliography of Turkic Studies in Przegląd Orientalistyczny 1948-2008

Vol. 2 (2010), Zuzanna Grzywacz: Traditional Kazakh medicine in change

Vol. 3 (2013), Henryk Jankowski (ed.): Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Crimea. Ten Years of Turkology in Poznań (available only in printed form)

Vol. 4 (2015): Henryk Jankowski: Selective Bibliography of Studies on the Kazakh Language

 Vol. 5 (2015): Dorota Smętek: Crimean Karaim Version of Melukhat Sha’ul. Critical Edition and Linguistic Analysis


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